Rental Car Companies Never Stop Trying To Gouge You

Ed Perkins

Fortunately, you can often find a work-around, but it may be more hassle then it should be. Case in point: For my current driving trip through Austria, I flew into Munich: It’s about two hours from Innsbruck, my first stop, and rental car rates are much lower in Germany than they are to learn more in Austria. I arranged a two-week rental through Priceline, with Dollar Rent-a-Car, for an all-up total of 326 euros, including tax but with no insurance. When I arrived at the Dollar counter thoroughly jet-lagged after 15 hours of flying the very nice agent politely informed me that unless I rented with a MasterCard and had some printed confirmation of MasterCard coverage, he could not rent me a car without insurance. My choices: pay about 550 euros for coverage with a 500-euro deductible or 650 euros for full-value, no-deductible damage waiver.
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Austin OKs proposal aimed at unsafe rental properties

Multi-family or single-family rental properties will now be subject to inspections in Austin if they violate health and safety codes.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that the measure will allow the city to keep tabs on rental properties with unsafe or unsanitary conditions, and possibly impose penalties if necessary, citing the structural collapse at Wood Ridge Apartments in Southeast Austin last year. According to the Statesman report, any rental property that is tagged for several safety code or health violations within a year would have to register with the city and be subject to inspection. The measure, passed unanimously, was authored by Councilman Bill Spelman . Previously, only short-term rentals were required to register with the city, while inspections were only being authorized after residents issued complaints. Greg Barr is managing editor of Austin Business Journal, responsible for day-to-day digital and print coverage. Related links:
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Top Car Rental Services Rankings Named by for September 2013

The listings are formulated through a veracious analysis process which involves the inspection and testing of top car rental services to determine which are most effective at offering their solutions. While there are thousands of consumer products and services services offering solutions, the listings are used to feature the absolute best. Each month, the best car rental companies are put through a systematic evaluation process in order to determine which companies produce the best services overall. The process involves an in-depth analysis of best performing car rental companies in areas including customer support, insurance, service speed, locations, and selection quality. Client evaluations of competing car rental companies are contacted in order to obtain their unique inputs and suggestions on the companies they have used.
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