Generation Ok To Rent

The research figures indicate that a seismic shift in attitudes to renting is taking place. Whereas nearly all of the previous generation of Brits polled (those now aged between 55 and 75) saw owning their own property as the ‘ultimate goal’ (93%), only a third (33%) of people under 35 now feel the same way. In line with this, property management maryland half of all renters (43%) no longer see bricks and mortar as a sign of success, and almost three quarters (70%) say the notion that it’s in some way shameful to never own a property is completely out of date. This more relaxed approach to owning property might be considered refreshing but it comes with a number of hidden perils including little leeway for renters should they not be able to pay for their accommodation and a lack of renters taking out income protection insurance.
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For Sale: Homes With Rooms To Rent

Clinton, CT - 1

Carnation, WA 1534 294th Ave NE, Carnation, WA For sale: $529,950 This home is tucked away on a scenic lot, yet is only 15 miles from Microsofts headquarters in Redmond, WA. A lower-level media room with wet bar could serve as a rental unit for a tenant seeking an escape from the city. A brick fireplace, deck and built-in storage are major selling points for many Pacific Northwest rentals. Dallas, TX 300 S Edgefield Ave, Dallas, TX For sale: $497,500 This historic Dallas home has been recently renovated with a French-apron sink, hardwood floors and other high-end finishes. An above-garage apartment was also included in the renovation, creating a contemporary space for prospective renters.
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