Consumer Beware: Glass Shower Doors Can Shatter Suddenly

A: Glass shower doors generally come in one of four basic styles. I recommend choosing from one of the following: – Pivot: This is a swinging-type shower door that can open out from the right or left. It works like a traditional door and allows easy access. Pivot doors are usually found on standard-size shower stalls with adequate bathroom space. – Sliding: Great for tubs and larger shower stalls, these two-panel glass doors are space-savers since they do not open out. One panel slides into the space of the other to provide access.
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“The number one reason glass doors break is because of some form of damage to the glass around the edges of that door,” Meshulam said. “The number two reason would be through inclusions, microscopic imperfections that grow into a larger crack internally to the pressure layers. Those pressure layers eventually cause the glass to just shatter.” Meshulam says tempered glass is supposed to be safe because “it breaks into millions of little pieces.” Sometimes, those pieces don’t separate quickly enough from previous damage, forming large, sharp, jagged edges that stick together and cause injury. “If a person is in the shower and the door explodes, they shouldn’t immediately run out. They should stop, not move, look around and find the nearest towel to put over the glass to walk out,” Meshulam said.
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Shattering Shower Doors

Teresa Albertson explains how it happened to her earlier this summer. It shot out six-to-eight-feet from the bathroom. Albertson explains that she had never heard of the problem until she more went on line. We also searched on line and discovered its not just happening inside homes but also inside hotels. We dug through court records and found a federal lawsuit filed earlier this year against the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. A woman, who stayed at the hotel in 2007, says she opened a shower door and suddenly the force of an explosion threw here violently across the toilet and caused her serious injuries. Pictures are filed with the lawsuit showing tiny particles of glass layered on the hotel bathroom and filling the toilet. Another couple posts video on Vimeo showing what allegedly happened to them during their Hawaiian honeymoon at the Ohana Hotel in Waikiki West.
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